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Supervisione del veiColore su cellulare o PC.

Fabbricante : AutoTech
Numero Parte : VLU-100
Barcode : 5210119000623
ERP Code : ATG-0006

VLU-100 puo essere installato in auto, camion, barche o navi. Le unita hanno un ricevitore GPS costruito nel modulo per veicoli di posizionamento satellitare e ingressi digitali e analogici per il monitoraggio remoto di dati operativi attraverso sensori adatti gia installati nel veicolo. In questo modo le data critiche ( temperatura, umidita, misuramento del livello di carburante contatti di prossimita di accesso o di carico, etc,) puo essere trasmesso all' utente insieme alla posizione del veicolo.

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Dettagli dei Prodotti

VLU-100 Vehicle Locator

Integrated and Reliable Solution for Vehicle Tracking. Protect your car, boat, motorcycle etc with no risk. Vehicle Supervision on Mobile Phone or PC.


VLU-100 can be istalled in cars, trucks, boats or ships. The units have a built in GPS receiver module for satellite vehicle positioning and digital and analog inputs for the remote monitoring of operational data through suitable sensors already installed in the vehicle.In that way critical data (temperature, humidity, measurement of fuel level, proximity contacts for access or loading etc.) can be relayed to the user along with the vehicle's position . The available relay Outputs are used to control desired vehicle's devices (sirens, cutting off of battery, control of refrigerator, turned bucket, elevation motor etc) and can provide the vehicle's lock-up for safety or other reasons.


Data storage is achieved using a large capacity internal memory. The periodical or continuous transmission of data to a mobile phone is done by the internal GSM/GPRS module via wireless network GPRS or and SMS via GSM.

The device is able to co-operate with various commercial GIS software in order to monitor data on digital maps and has pre installed the Destinator 6/PN/SP SMS format, for quick navigation to the remote vehicle using PocketPC- PE or Smart Phones.


The VLUs provide the additional possibility to activate the special instruction "POSITION ALARM" which alerts the owner in the event of undesirable vehicle's movement (car lifting, road police crane) by SMS or GPRS, sending thereon the information of the vehicle's running position with φ and λ coordinates .


Extra features

  • Operational capability from extra internal backup battery
  • GSM jammer Alarm
  • Configurable Speed Limit Alarm
  • Bidirectional Voice Call with Car-kit
  • RF Receiver Port for Remote Arm/disarm the GPS-LOCK feature


  • Compact, rugged, integrated unit ( 65 X 82 X 28mm )
  • Weight: VLU100~120gr
  • Power Supply: +8 με +32 VDC
  • Power consumption (standby): 25mA


  • 1 x RS232/RS485 serial port
  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • 6 LEDS status: GPS, GPRS, Signal etc
  • Internal Sim Card Slot
  • Antenna: GSM/GPS

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