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4 Analogico + 4 digitale input / 4 digitale output

Fabbricante : Autotech
Numero Parte : gsmgprs
Barcode : 5210119000661
Disponibilità : Non Disponibile

4 outputs indipendenti pe attivazione o disattivazione (con o senza tempo di ritardo) di apparecchi che sono stati collegati a questi outputs a casa o nella fabbrica. 4 inputs analogici per il collegamento di sensori di temperatura, sensori mdi pressione, sensori di umidita etc, o altri sistemi che provvedono letture attraverso outputs analogici(in alternativa, gli ingressi analogici possono possono essere utillizzati come ingressi digitali supplementari). 4 inputs digitali per il collegamento di aparecchi con N.O.-N.C. outputs di segnali che provengono da allarmi o direttamenta da gas, movimento, rilevatori d'incendio, il sistema di allarme, rilevamento di movimento, etc. 4 indipendenti temporizzatori per ogni Relay output con funzione di tempo( 1sec-999min).

Product discontinued

Dettagli dei Prodotti

The activation, deactivation of all individual devices that the user has connected can be remotely controlled - monitored by the following methods:


By commands through SMS


The device receives from a predefined telephone number ( supervisor ) or from any telephone number with a password.


By non-answered, toll-free calls to the device


(utilizing the calling number identification service) from our mobile or fixed phone. To avoid the frequent editing and sending of SMS, which has a corresponding cost in terms of time and money, we can make a simple telephone call and send a command to IRIDA to perform predefined tasks.


By keywords sent by the user in an SMS


You can program up to 8 different keywords (up to ten characters long), which, just like in case (2), are stored in memory and perform the corresponding programmed sequence of commands.


8 different combinations of alarm signals


Each alarm can be independently programmed to send an SMS or to make a non-answered call (or both) on a particular phone number according to the combined status of inputs (both digital and analog) and outputs, or according to the status of any independent input. At the same time, when the device receives an alarm signal it manages the outputs, if required, to perform an immediate action.


Predefined messages


If an alarm occurs, apart from the message that informs the user, the device can also send to the corresponding phone number a predefined message (e.g. address and area where the alarm occurred) that the user has previously edited and stored in the device's memory. There are 8 storage locations for predefined messages , each one corresponding to an alarm.


Disarm or re-arm


Just like in an alarm system, if we want to cancel the operation of an alarm without altering the programmed parameters , we can individually disarm or re-arm any one of the four different alarms by our mobile phone with an SMS or a non-answered call.


GPRS Conectivity

Irida GPRS model has the capability to communicate - transfer data with the use of GPRS service if provided. With this service the user can control his home or remote system from anywhere around the world, on real-time monitoring or by frequent e-mails.



  • Small Size : Easy installation. Enclosure dimensions (mm): 100x120x22mm.
  • Compatible with all GSM Networks : Just insert your SIM card and you are ready. Dual Band Compatible with GSM Networks 900 / 1800 MHz
  • Easy programming : Programmable via a simple sms commands or via serial port with IridaSoft.
  • 4 Relay output : 4 relay output(120V/0.5A)
  • 4 Analog input : 0~5Volt for instrument usage. The inputs can be used as digital inputs.
  • 4 Digital Input : 4 digital input for monitoring.
  • SMS Commands : You can control the device via SMS or an unanswered call. You can receive information about the status of the inputs via sms.
  • Supply voltage: 12V DC : Device's consumption (idle): 50mA Consumption during transmission (call): 500mA.
  • 3-5 days delivery : Shipping Worldwide.3 days delivery to Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

IRIDA GSM / GPRS Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control through Cell Phone / Telemetry / Alarm

  • 4 independent outputs for activation or deactivation (with or without time delay) of devices that have been connected to these outputs either at home or in the factory. Examples of such devices are: various household electric or electronic devices, heaters, lights, sirens, alarms, as well as production or special industrial equipment, ventilation systems, heating - cooling systems, pump stations, water supply systems, irrigation systems etc. Besides ON - OFF control, the user can also enter and store corresponding time delays (in minutes or seconds), or use the XOR function for automatic transition from one state to the opposite (either ON or OFF), which enables the intermittent operation of a device.
  • 4 analog inputs for the connection of temperature sensors, pressure sensors, humidity sensors etc., or any other system that provides readings through analog outputs (Alternatively, the analog inputs may be used as additional digital inputs).
  • 4 Digital inputs for the connection of devices with N.O. - N.C. outputs or signals coming from alarms or directly from gas, motion, fire detectors, alarm system, motion detection etc.
  • 4 independent timers for each Relay output with time function. (1sec - 999min)

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